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March 30, 2017

One Round, One Winner & The Game is On

Waterloo Region

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Canada Games Creates Champions

Mandy Bujold

Gold Medalist

I couldn’t think of a better place than Waterloo Region for a young athlete to begin their dreams.

    Eric Gillis

    3-time Olympian

    Waterloo Region’s vibrant sporting culture backs athletes of all levels and abilities with the right stuff to compete nationally and internationally.

      Alec Elliot

      5-time Canada Games Medallist

      Canada Games provided me with invaluable experience of competing at a multi sport games in a low-pressure environment.

        Nate Brennan

        Silver Medallist

        In Waterloo Region, people see the potential in young people or new ideas. They support you all the way!

          And Our Local Athletes Want to Help Bring the Games Home

          A Winning Combination:

          Premier Venues & A Connected Community

          Our facilities have been the home of many of Canada’s national champions. Young and old foster their passion for sport in our venues, supported by a cheering community and a new light rail train transportation system to help bring supporters, fans and athletes to participate in the games.

          Let’s Rally Together

          Share with the evaluation committee and the people of Canada, why you think Waterloo Region would be an amazing place to host the Canada Summer Games!

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          Coming from Surrey, BC, I am amazed at the cohesiveness of Kitchener. This community is vibrant, not fragmented. Kindness rules here. Acceptance is a building block in this community. Fear is handled with a lead head and a heart for the other.

          I LOVE Kitchener and am so proud to now call it home.
          Natalie  Friesen Kitchener, Ontario

          Wanda Balcazar Kitchener, Ontario

          The Waterloo Region is a great place for the Canada Summer Games because it's representative of Canada. In the region there are a multitude of different races and religion. The region has manufacturing, tech, education, and agriculture. A thriving transportation system that will be enhanced with the advent of the LRT system is another of the regions great assets
          Dennis Schinkel Kitchener, Ontario

          The atmosphere of Waterloo is perfect for the summer games as the community is friendly and welcoming, and full of people excited to be involved in such a wondrous event.
          Victoria Metcalf Kitchener, Ontario

          Because this is where it's at.
          Kelita Pratt beachburg, Ontario

          The Waterloo Region has a great community of students that burn with commitment and love getting together to show their support.
          Wesley Mann Stayner, Ontario

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